Expansion of the Management Team at SEMA

Andreas Sräga and Stefan Wasser receive power of procuration

To set new impetus and prepare the SEMA Group for the challenges of the future, shareholders Andreas Sräga and Stefan Wasser have been granted power of procuration. Together with managing partner Alexander Neuss, they will direct the fate of the company in future.

Andreas Sräga has been supporting the SEMA Group as Commercial Director since March 2020. In future, as Director of Finance and a member of the management team, he will take over responsibility for the back office/administration in addition to the Finance/Human Resources/IT departments. Before joining SEMA, Mr Sräga worked for many years as head of controlling/finance/process management at a leading international company. As a member of the management team, he had a significant influence on the company.

Since 1 June 2020, Stefan Wasser has been responsible for the Marketing and Sales departments at SEMA. Mr Wasser is a master carpenter and already worked for SEMA in field sales from 1995 to 1998. After that, he was the managing partner of a prefabricated house company for 21 years. This accumulated experience and expertise have proved to be a real added value for SEMA. Stefan Wasser will now take on the task of merging marketing, sales and customer service as Sales and Marketing Director and as a member of the management team.

2020 will go down in the history books at the SEMA Group as another record year with trend-setting changes. A new shareholder structure has already been in place at SEMA since 2019. With VIA equity and LEA Partners in the background and managing partner Alexander Neuss as CEO, the SEMA Group has gained new impetus. “Due to the pandemic, the course of the year so far has been unfamiliar to all of us and a lot has changed,” says Neuss. “Nevertheless, a lot of positive things have happened at SEMA - the new shareholder structure has brought even more dynamism to the company. In addition, the financially strong shareholder base will also enable the takeover and integration of partner companies in "successor situation" in future, such as WGsystem in June. In order to prepare SEMA for the challenges of the future, the shareholders have decided to expand the management team. By granting power of procuration to Mr Sräga and Mr Wasser, we have provided the necessary impetus and thus set the course for the future,” adds Alexander Neuss.