Futuristic timber construction model wins again

The Timber Construction Industry Association Switzerland once again hosted a model competition. The jury of experts and the specialist audience assessed and evaluated their favourites during the HOLZ trade fair in Basel. Adrian Hugener again took first place in the audience rating.

The nationwide model competition for carpenters took place at the HOLZ trade fair in Basel. Over 40 budding carpenters from all over Switzerland submitted their models for the competition. Adrian Hugener from the vocational school GB Wetzikon again presented his model with a tapering ground plan and rising ridge. He had already been able to secure first place in the doubles competition of his school's contest (we reported – see press release). Hugener managed to get full points at a regional level both in the jury and in the audience award, claiming first place in both ratings. 

Each section of "Holzbau Schweiz" was allowed to submit three models to the competition in Basel. 18 carpenters from the Canton of Zurich participated with their models. During the e-voting, Adrian Hugener from the Frischknecht Holzbau-Team AG again had the audience completely on his side and took first place with his futuristic timber construction model. In the overall ranking, which was rated by a jury consisting of a team of experts, Adrian achieved a great fifth place.

The evaluation of the models comprised various criteria, such as execution planning, staging, craftsmanship, wood list, originality and scope of work.

The prospective carpenters put a lot of sweat, passion and great ideas into their models. 

SEMA congratulates Adrian on his excellent performance and the great results achieved in the competitions. Adrian planned and designed his model in the SEMA Try & Learn CAD software, which he used to create all drawings, cuts, plans and material lists in the program.

Siegermodell beim Publikumspreis von Adrian Hugener mit der Nr. 11

As a software manufacturer, we are always particularly pleased to see the next generation pursuing their craft with so much vigour, diligence and pride. In times of advancing digitisation, it is important that the basics of the craft are mastered perfectly. This forms the basis for correct digital planning and design in a CAD program like SEMA. We wish all participants in the model competitions all the best for their future and look forward to discovering many more exciting projec