Ground-breaking for the new SEMA headquarters

In the context of the 35th anniversary of the company, SEMA decided to build a new company headquarters in order to respond to the increased demands and to be ready for the future. SEMA remains loyal to the location Wildpoldsried.

A highly modern two-storey office building with approximately 1,800 square meters will be built near the present headquarters. The building will provide the SEMA company with sufficient space for its departments, such as development, quality assurance, customer care, sales, administration and IT as well as two large training rooms. 

The entire planning and work preparation of the new building will be carried out by means of the 3D CAD/CAM software from SEMA. The entire process chain, from planning to production, is mapped in the SEMA software so that smooth execution is guaranteed. The building will be created based on the principles of sustainability to meet the highest energy requirements in timber frame construction.

"Especially ecological considerations and the use of timber as the building material for our new building were essential aspects to us. What could be more natural than commissioning a SEMA customer with the execution. After intensive search and coordination, we decided to place the order with a renowned general contractor with many years of experience and expertise in the field of commercial construction. The Regnauer Fertigbau GmbH & Co. KG, a company specialised in prefabrication and, by the way, a faithful SEMA customer since 1992, was commissioned to realise our project," says Alexander Neuss.