Modern stair construction - the highlight of a new company building

At the end of June, the grand opening of the new office building of API CZ s.r.o., world leading supplier and developer of vehicle customization for disabled people, took place.

As always with multistorey buildings there was need for connecting both floors. The request seemed quite easy: a modern design staircase, which would go well together with the glass walls in the surrounding office space.

Several companies came around with their sketches but according to the company owner, Ing. Miroslav Bartoš, there was still something missing. That’s why he asked his brother of SEMACZ s.r.o to develop a concept, which should then be submitted to different suppliers.

Everything started with the 3D scanning of the stairway by using the 3D laser X7 of company Trimble. It was then imported as a “point cloud” into the SEMA Software in which precise drawings and 3D sketches of the stairs were created. Thanks to intuitive controls and photorealistic visualizations multiple variants were presented to the owner of API CZ s.r.o. who chose the variant which met all his expectations. This solution was then developed in detail including all steel load-bearing and connecting members, data for CNC manufacturing of wooden steps and even glass components forming the railing.

The next step was to select the appropriate supplier. Regarding the previous successful co-operation on multiple projects between SEMACZ and company Goldberger the decision was obvious. During the manufacturing and mounting process a few problems emerged mostly related to the solidity and load capacity of peripheral walls for the insert of embedded rods. Everything could be solved in the end and the stairway became a real highlight of the company’s new office building. During the grand opening one of the visitors said: “It looks like a stairway to heaven….