SEMA at the Great Lakes

Conquer new Frontiers - SEMA at the Great Lakes in Canada.

At the “Construct Canada”, Canada’s most important building-fair at the shores of the world’s largest freshwater reservoir, SEMA once again took the chance to present its interesting solutions in timber construction and stair design and to proof it’s practicability.

Enjoying a large clientele at the booth and a lot of interested visitors – we experienced this typical SEMA-exhibition-feeling in Toronto, ON, once again.

A large number of visitors already knew what to expect from a timber construction software, however, they were very impressed realizing SEMA offers way more possibilities and options than they had imagined.

SEMA brings BIM to the next level! It doesn’t stop after creating pretty pictures – SEMA provides complete bills of material, detailed single element drawings of every piece of timber, sheathing or steel connector and also automatic generated component drawings of wall elements, floor or roof panels. To top that, SEMA creates machine data files to cut, process and assemble all elements and panels with CNC-operated machines. This applies to framing, stair manufacturing and even to sheet metal design – another world innovation performed by SEMA.

Interesting conversations highlighting the increasing usage of computer operated machines in prefabrication in North America completed SEMA’s exhibit in the heart of Canada: 3D-design, work preparation and CNC-aided production become a walk in the park with SEMA!