SEMA in the Great Plains, North America

Creating the Future - SEMA in the Heart of the Corn Belt:

The SEMA company exhibited at the BCMC ("Building Component Manufacturers Conference") in Omaha, Nebraska.

Once again, SEMA was able to present their interesting software solutions in the fields of timber construction and stair design and to give proof of the software’s practicability.

Many interested visitors attended the SEMA stand – the typical atmosphere of a SEMA stand could be felt in Nebraska, too.

Many visitors had already noticed their competitors using the term “Timber Construction Software“ and were now made to prick their ears by learning that SEMA provides a far greater number of options than the prod-ucts they had known so far. 

Intensive work preparation, CAD/CAM and computer-aided prefabrication are issues still in their infancy in North America. SEMA was able to profit from the vast experience gained in these fields and provide interesting insights to their visitors.

Among the topics lively discussed at the SEMA stand  were 3D planning, the connection to machines and automated prefabrication. Also in the Midwest of the US, the modular SEMA software excelled with its un-beatable advantages such as the numerous auto functions and sophisticated interfaces compatible with all well-known machine manufacturers.