The Role of Timber in Urban Buildings

Buildings with low emission values play an important role in urban planning for the development of a green neighbourhood. This topic was a key point at the Forum Wood Building Nordic in Trondheim.

Timber is a suitable building material for housing units, office space or even industrial buildings in urban development. This proves that multi-storey buildings with very good energy properties and pleasant interior climate can also be achieved with CLT wood constructions. It is ever more clear that architects are increasingly focussing on timber as a building material.

What's more, timber excels with the huge advantage of a significantly reduced construction period as compared to other building materials. Responding to the issue of housing shortage in towns, timber constructions also enable the adding of another storeys to existing buildings with the weight of timber as the decisive aspect.

This rethinking of the building industry is the reason why timber is more and more becoming the preferred building material. Many interesting specialised lectures of various companies and architects from all over the world were given during the forum. The forum is a perfect platform for international experts to exchange their experiences which led to further interesting discussions. It can be said that timber is always a valuable building material in terms of sustainable construction. The SEMA Company is specialised in software for timber construction. SEMA provides all interested people with a sophisticated tool that helps them shape the current rethinking process.