timpla by Renggli relies on expertise of SEMA Group

One of the most innovative timber module plants for multi-storey building construction is being built in Eberswalde near Berlin, under the brand "timpla by Renggli". For this large-scale project, a software solution was needed that could cover the entire process chain from planning to serial production.

As a manufacturer of CAD/CAM software, SEMA with its solution portfolio can simplify the complexity of the process chain and map it in an end-to-end process according to the BIM standard.

The Swiss company Renggli AG, with its almost 100 years of experience as a partner and general contractor, is known across national borders in the timber construction industry. The family business has always been associated with one thing: wood. The Swiss pass on these values for economically and ecologically valuable residential and commercial construction to timpla by Renggli, the next generation of timber construction companies.

With a production area of 20,000 square meters, timpla by Renggli has set itself the goal of using the most modern production facilities and a modular construction technique to build sustainable and at the same time affordable living space with the highest qualitative requirements. With SEMA, a partner was found that brings a high degree of automation in their 2D/3D CAD/CAM software in the area of roofs, walls and ceilings.

"We have known and worked closely with SEMA since 1995. With its many years of experience as a software provider in timber construction, we very much appreciate the consistent optimization and standardization of processes within their software solutions,"
CEO Max Renggli explains the decision in favor of SEMA.  
"For us, SEMA offers the necessary support and the best know-how to design industrial timber construction according to our ideas," adds Roland Kühnel, CEO of timpla by Renggli.

The guiding principle of timpla is to increase productivity in the timber construction industry while protecting the climate. In doing so, timpla enables an innovative leap from manufacture to series production. The core product will be modular timber frame construction with a high degree of prefabrication. The modules, including the complete interior fittings and the entire technical building equipment, such as for heat, electrical engineering and air, will take place in the factory. With this construction and approach, fast results are achieved, which require highly effective and automatic updating in the background of the software program in case of plan changes. SEMA's software solution brings all of these features to the table.  

"We are delighted to have gained another partner with timpla, with whom we can continue to drive forward an industrialized and digitally-integrated timber construction processes. The construction industry is the world's largest economic sector and, with BIM, in the middle of the digital transformation. Our primary goal is to help shape an industry as a pioneer to make construction sustainable and efficient," says Swen Niebann, Managing
Director of Product and Software Engineering at SEMA.

The start of production at the site in the Technology and Industrial Park in Eberswalde is scheduled for the beginning of 2024. In the first year, a production volume of about 1,000 modules in single-shift operation is planned. The production facility will be designed for a future capacity increase of up to 2,000 modules in two-shift operation. This expansion stage is targeted for 2026 and is designed for around 200 full-time employees. timpla is thus both an innovator, which with the new wood module plant represents an important component for achieving the climate targets in the German construction sector, and a major employer in the Brandenburg region.

This gigantic project has been realized by the professional and financial support of four partners. Each of the participating companies stands behind the timpla by Renggli brand with their expertise. Renggli AG contributes significantly to timpa's main business with its core competence, the development and realisation of industrially manufactured and high-quality climate-friendly wooden buildings. Saxovent develops projects in the wind, solar and real estate sectors. The mission of the impact investor is to preserve the earth as a place worth living in for future generations. MQ Real Estate GmbH is dedicated to the sustainable, modular eleva-tion and revitalisation of unused city hotspots. The Sächsische Ärzteversorgung (SAEV), as the fourth shareholder, is actively involved in the international capital markets as one of the largest professional pension funds in the new Länder and an institutional investor.