Trees for climate protection instead of Christmas presents

For many years now, SEMA has supported different charity organizations instead of distributing Christmas presents to their customers. Together with the local forestry association FBG Oberallgäu eV, SEMA is committed to active climate protection and provides 3000 EURO for the reforestation of the Allgäu mixed forest.

Every tree binds CO2, each part of the tree, from leaves to roots, contributes to climate control. This also applies to built-in timber. The past year has shown us once again how important it is to participate in shaping our future.

The money will be spent to plant spruces, firs and beeches in the Oberallgäu mountain forest in spring 2022 for a healthy mixed forest. The new trees will bind CO2 as they grow, offer protection for people, enrich the landscape and ultimately be available as a raw material for future generations.

The FBG Oberallgäu eV is in charge of the tree planting. They will use the SEMA money for the professional planting of 600 local trees.

SEMA is happy to actively participate in sustainable climate protection on site.

You get further information about the FBG Oberallgäu from:

Forstbetriebsgemeinschaft Oberallgäu e.V.
Im Grünen Zentrum Immenstadt
Kemptener Str. 39
87509 Immenstadt
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