Ultra HD is the trend – SEMA sets new standards with 4K technology

In line with the SEMA Power developments, the optics of the program has been perfected and implemented for the entire SEMA Software Suite on 4K Ultra HD monitors. Users will benefit significantly from this new development - particularly in the fields of planning, work preparation and workplace ergonomics.

Today, you cannot think of construction sites without safety at work regulations. However, the situation is often different when it comes to the design offices of small and medium-sized companies. The new software generation 18-1 of the SEMA GmbH provides working without fatigue and reduced eye strain thanks to the state-of-the art 4K UHD technology with pin sharp screen resolution.

The definition and thus also the image sharpness is 4x higher as compared to Full HD monitors. The advantages of the new technology are obvious: The display is much finer and more delicate.

Lines, hatches, 3D object edges, textures, … they will all be displayed with maximum quality and sharpness on 4K monitors in the new version (18-1) of the SEMA software. The toolbars on the SEMA interface are freely scalable according to individual requirements so that the right size can be found easily for every taste.

In addition, the usable work space for Ultra HD is 4x larger than for Full HD. This has a particularly positive effect especially when working with extensive plans and projects, because many of the lines that lie close to one another no longer blur and are no longer displayed in an unsightly stepped manner. It is much easier to recognize dimensions and texts. Frequent zooming in and out is therefore unnecessary. Ergo: Users benefit from efficient working without fatigue.

The taking up of current trends resulting in the development of this new feature once again underscores the innovative strength of SEMA.