Offsite Construction Show London

The Offsite Construction Show received overwhelming support from the offsite industry, the industry at last has its very own showcase who represented every part of the UK’s building, construction, design and engineering community, combining to make the UK’s first ever national Offsite exhibition a resounding success.

November 20-21, 2019 · Exhibition Centre London (ExCeL)

Software solution for timber construction

From planning to construction - everything incorporated in one construction software
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Facade & Metal cladding

Involve your sheet-metal business partner in your project management by means of the new SEMA software package for facade and metal cladding. Planning, calculation, work preparation and production work hand in hand in a comprehensive system.
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For years now, SEMA Software has been providing various possibilities to enable the exchange of information between all systems involved in a project. All pieces of information relevant in terms of planning and construction are managed centrally in the software. The IFCs - as a standardised file format - form the basis of a central interface of mutual information exchange in the BIM process.
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