SEMA Web Viewer

Present your projects quickly and easily in your web browser in 3D view.

With the new 3D export as HTML file, you present the planned SEMA project to your customers easily and smartly. No installation or other software is required for the presentation of the project.

At the push of a button, a presentation file will be created from the 3D view in the SEMA program. This file can be opened in any current browser and displayed three-dimensionally. The project is rotated, moved or zoomed in and out with the mouse. It is also possible to walk through the interior of the building. A top view and views from all points of the compass, to be selected via the respective icon at the top left corner of the control panel, complete the display options.  

The new feature provides an enormous benefit to your project presentations. The quick and convenient visual exchange of building projects with your clients, prospects or partners is possible with this new feature of Version 19-1. 


Try it yourself - click on one of the images of the project and you will directly access the view in the Web Viewer.


3D Web Viewer, example of a single-family house.
Start view


3D Web Viewer, example of a stair.
Start view


3D Web Viewer, example of a sheet metal project.
Start view