Stair measurements made easy

The use of several 3D point clouds in a project allows free access to planning in a virtual staircase. Enhanced performance and variable display of point clouds provide an even better overview for designing.

SEMA has already set new standards in the processing of digital 3D data and its further processing in a CAD software with the import of 3D point clouds. SEMA raises the bar even further with the release of Version 20-2: If multiple point clouds are imported for a project, they can now be visually displayed in different ways.

The individual point clouds can be displayed or hidden separately from each other. The display of the individual point cloud can be controlled according to the requirements - the "point density", the "point size" and the "point cloud colour" can be adjusted individually.

This results in a wide range of applications for the stair builder. The storey-by-storey division of the 3D scan into several point clouds allows free access to the stairwell.

If, for example, only a certain section of the building is required in high detail, it can be displayed separately and the point cloud density can be set to maximum. A point cloud can be displayed with reduced density or completely hidden for areas that are less relevant. The flexibility when working with point clouds has, thus, been increased immensely.